Jockey Being Family: Strength for Adoptive Families

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Jockey Being Family founder quote

Jockey Being Family: Strength for Adoptive Families

“Adoption is not an event. It is a lifelong journey. We hope to be a guiding hand for families along their path while leading the charge in raising awareness of the need to expand post-adoption services to make a difference in the lives of adoptive families in North America.”

Debra S. Waller, Founder, Jockey Being Family Foundation Ltd. Chairman & CEO of Jockey International, Inc.

For Others recently joined forces with Jockey and their nonprofit, the Jockey Being Family Foundation, for Chris Tomlin’s Stories of Worship tour across the United States. Together, we spread the word about the reality of foster care and adoption in our nation. Their partnership made the entire mission possible, and we believe it’s important to highlight the heroic work Jockey shoulders every day to help families stay together forever.

Who Are Jockey Being Family?

The Jockey Being Family Foundation helps to support and strengthen adoptive families. The Foundation allocates financial resources and support to assist organizations on the front lines of the adoption process for post-adoption support.

Their mission began in 2005 when Debra S. Waller established the Jockey Being Family Foundation in support of Jockey International’s corporate initiative to strengthen adoptive families. Adopted herself as an infant, this philanthropic cause embodied not only Debra’s personal passion but also reflected the values and dedication of Jockey as a family-owned company, focused on providing comfort to every life they touch. And nothing is more comforting to a child than having a family where they belong.

Jockey Being Family knows that adoption is not a single event; it’s a lifelong journey full of ups and downs. Together with leading experts and dedicated partners, they help to ensure families have access to crucial post-adoption support and services so that every child can grow up with a loving family. For the past 18 years, Jockey Being Family has worked tirelessly to keep the promise of a “forever family” alive for thousands of children and their families – and will do the same for future generations.

The Foundation In Action

Since its founding, Jockey Being Family has provided free backpacks personalized with the child’s initials to families who have newly adopted. Each bag includes a comfy blanket and the coveted Jockey Being Family teddy bear which, for many children, become the first belongings of their very own. Most importantly, parents receive a JBF parent tote with valuable post-adoption resources to help them navigate through their adoption journey.

Parents can find even more support on the Jockey Being Family website. The organization offers more than 35 online webinars and an adoptED course, all free, as well as links to expert articles and podcasts. Together with their partners, Jockey Being Family also creates programs aimed at helping adoptive families throughout North America.

We’re so very proud and honored to call Jockey Being Family our friends. They’ve been making a difference for adoptive families and children for nearly two decades, and we look forward to all the accomplishments the families they support will experience in the future.

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