Limitless Love: How an Aunt and Uncle Became Mom and Dad

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limitless love: an aunt and uncle become mom and dad

Limitless Love: How an Aunt and Uncle Became Mom and Dad

“Ben” and “Hailey” believed their days of child-rearing were over. With their biological children in adulthood, the husband and wife planned for a future with just the two of them. They never expected to become parents again. Then they received terrible news; Ben’s sister had passed away suddenly, leaving behind her two small children. We tell you how Ben and Hailey (and an unexpected hero) showed limitless love to become Mom and Dad for their sweet nieces.

Unexpected Loss

When Ben’s sister passed away, the whole family felt the shock. Their immediate concern was for her two daughters. Because of physical and relational distance, Ben and Hailey didn’t know anything about the girls, including their ages or names. Even so, on the same night they received the news, Hailey recalls feeling as though God spoke to her directly. He asked her if she would become a mother again.

“Not knowing the full meaning of the question,” she says, “I said, ‘Yes, Lord, but You’ll need to make the path very clear.’”

Hailey knew this would be a huge, life-altering decision. She knew Ben would have to come to the same conclusion in his own heart while still grieving. Their own children might be confused, upset, or excited. After a few months had passed, during which Hailey had prayed for guidance, Ben told her he felt called to take care of the two girls. Hailey immediately said yes, and the couple confirmed this answer with wise counsel and the support and encouragement of our family. Still, not everyone thought it was a good idea.

“Who at our age just starts over with little ones?” Hailey says.

Despite the uncertainty, they chose to take the leap. After their initial meeting with Child Protective Services, one of the caseworkers called what they were doing “incredible.” But their biggest ally would come from an unexpected place.

Limitless Love

Once the paperwork went through, Ben and Hailey began the process of bringing their nieces home. They live in Kentucky, but the girls lived in Arizona. What could have been a huge difficulty was made easy, however, by a woman who went above and beyond for this family.

“Sherri” learned about the two little girls through her church, who became involved in their situation via our partner, CarePortal. The church responded to an emergency need for the girls, but Sherri felt led to do more. She began to get closer to the girls and offered her help at every chance, even when Ben and Hailey weren’t in town. Soon, the young sisters were ready to make the trip to Kentucky. Sherri once again showed up in a big way. She volunteered to fly with the girls to Kentucky so they wouldn’t have to travel alone. It meant the world to Ben and Hailey, who had to wait for the girls to arrive in Kentucky. When they finally met at the airport, they welcomed both their nieces and Sherri like family. To this day, Sherri is still an honorary family member.

“She is absolutely one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so grateful to have a friend like her,” Hailey says.

For Sherri, she considers this experience as one of the most special moments in her life.

“These girls are thriving in the care of Ben and Hailey,” Sherri says. “My heart was full witnessing how God is working in all their lives. This family has welcomed me and included me in every way, and I love them all!”

Visibly Healing

Today, the two girls are happy and healthy with their parents. Sherri still visits them when she can, which Ben and Hailey love, too. Some time has passed since they arrived in Kentucky, and the girls have had time to heal, grow, and thrive in their loving home. Hailey shares pictures from the day they arrived and compares them to her most recent photos. The difference is incredible. Where the girls’ expressions were marked with grief even while smiling, their faces now show warmth and happiness.

“You can see the difference healing makes,” Hailey says. “I’m grateful to be a tiny part of that.”

Thanks to Ben and Hailey’s courage to become parents again and Sherri’s commitment to the children’s wellbeing, five lives were brought together and enriched beyond their expectations. Their limitless love means the two little girls will never be without a loving family. This is the kind of impact your giving achieves. By supporting For Others and our partners, you transform stories of loss into stories of restoration. To help more families experience this hope, donate today.

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